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Recent Study Shows People More Likely to Misbehave on Holiday

It looks like Brits are using holidays as the perfect time to misbehave, as proven by a recent study which polled over 1000 adults in the UK. 51% of these people said that they consider a holiday to be the perfect tie to try something new and step outside of their comfort zone.

Into the Blue have carried out some research which shows that Brits are more likely to try something adventurous whilst on holiday (you can read more about this here: http://www.travelcampaigner.com/brits-are-more-likely-to-try-new-things-when-on-holiday/)

These were people of all age groups and backgrounds, with most admitting that they often engage in riskier behaviour while abroad. 49% said they’re more likely to try the local food, and cuisine they haven’t tried before, and 37% of those polled said that they usually visit local attractions and points of interest located further afield when they’re traveling.


There are ways to have fun without going crazy, and 26% of people said they like to try water sports like surfing, diving, and jet skiing, while 18% prefer slightly more extreme sports like bungee jumping, climbing, and skydiving.

Unfortunately, 9% of people also said they were more likely to engage in risky behaviour which could have real consequences. This includes being more likely to trust strangers, which is always nice to do when travelling, but we should remember that when we’re tourists we also often have a giant dollar sign painted on our back, especially in developing countries where an iPhone could feed a family for a few months.

These people also said they would be more likely to take risks, and 8% said they would get a tattoo. This is particularly popular among the younger backpacker crowd, and as long as you can check reviews and see how clean the tattoo parlour is, you’ll have a memento from this trip forever.

Travel is by its very definition about new experiences, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and doing things you wouldn’t necessarily do at home is one way to do this, and you’ll often find yourself becoming more adventurous in general, and more likely to try new things at home as well.


Some of my best experiences have been when I opened myself up to new things, and while I may regret trying a certain dish in Myanmar, at least I have a funny story to tell, and the certainty that no matter what I eat in the future, it’s unlikely to be as bad as that.

And sometimes opening ourselves up to adventure and stepping outside of our comfort zones means making friends with people who you wouldn’t necessarily be friends with at home. It means walking up to a group of people, introducing yourself, and ending up with friends for life. When you’re travelling relationships can often mean more, as you probably won’t know when you’ll be seeing those people again.




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