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Quirky Bars Around the World

One of my favourite things about travel is finding quirky bars around the world. The weirder, the more memorable they are. I appreciate the extra effort and creativity that goes into ‘breaking the mould’ and making a bar that’s a little weird. An interesting location can quickly transform an average night into something crazy amazing. Quirky bars lay the foundation for something a little different, so I suggest you visit as many as you can during your travels. Here’s a list of the best quirky bars around the world that I’ve found:



This bar is located in the basement – which isn’t that unusual – but the fact that it’s set in an abandoned World War Two air raid shelter in Soho is something a little special. This bar has been furnished to mimic a 1940s tube station. You’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time quite a few decades; the bar staff are dressed in 1940s attire and there’s an extensive 8-page long cocktail list. This is, for sure, one of London’s best transport-themed venues.

The Ichub Club

Located in bustling Bangkok, Thailand, the Ichub Club celebrates being fat. That’s right – it’s one of the few places in the world where having a large waistline and being a few lbs overweight will reward you. If you and three friends weigh more than 360 kgs you’ll be entitled to a free bottle of whiskey. All over the walls you’ll see chubby cartoon characters or nude photos of overweight people. If you’re a bit plump and thinking of heading down, don’t worry, the chairs are reinforced to handle the heaviest of clients.



Madame Claude

Berlin is known to be one of, if not the best, places to party in Europe. Here parties stretch through days and their length can be
somewhat disorientating. If you want to find yourself extremely confused, why not head to Madame Claude, a former brothel. This bar is decorated to look like an apartment, except one that is upside down. The more you drink, the more you’ll be confused. It’s a quirky and fun place to have a crazy night out in Berlin.

The Clinic

If you find yourself in Singapore and craving a quirky bar, look no further than The Clinic. This is a bar that is somewhat like a
hospital: you’ll see wheel chairs as chairs, hospital beds as tables and drinks come in both IV bags and test tubes. When you’re feeling ready to dance, there’s a dance floor called… morphine. This is probably the most fun you’ll ever have in a clinic, so the next time you’re in Singapore don’t forget to drop by.

Quirky bars are fun to visit and can really break a trip up by making it a little different. Have you ever been to a quirky bar around the world that you love? Share in the comments below.


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