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Places You Must Visit in Tokyo

Just the word ‘Tokyo’ springs up countless images, doesn’t it? I think bright lights, a busy, frenetic pace of life, futuristic technology, sumo wrestlers, geishas, shrines and fantastic shopping.

It’s no wonder Tokyo is one of the most sought after cities to visit in the whole world.

Because of the size of the place, it’s almost impossible to see everything during the space of one visit, so it’s worthwhile doing your research before you go, to make sure you pinpoint your must-visit places. Everyone’s interests are different of course, and one size doesn’t fit all, however there are a few attractions that everyone must see at least once. I’ve been to Tokyo a few times and I still need to see a few of these places, whoops!


Fish market – Now bear with me, a fish market might not seem like somewhere you want to jump straight on the bus to visit, but this has to be seen to be believed. The largest open-air fish market in the world is packed with all manner of weird and wonderful fish and shellfish, and you can try a few as you walk around. The area itself is also quaint and interesting, and a nice change from the busy, frenetic pace of life in the centre.

Tokyo Tower – This is the second tallest building in the whole of Japan and the views are simply stunning. Maybe avoid if you don’t have a head for heights, but it’s certainly one for the camera!

Meiji Shrine – Tokyo is packed with shrines but Meiji Shrine is so central it’s easy to visit, and one of the most popular. This is an active Shinto shrine and is dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife. This is traditional Japan at its best and most beautiful.

Japanese Gardens – There are several around the city but visiting one is a must. Sit and sip green tee whilst admiring the blossoming pink cherry trees in Spring, or the ever-changing colours in Autumn. This is a peaceful experience in the heart of a very busy metropolis.


Tokyo Disneyland – Come on, who can resist the temptation of a day frolicking with Mickey Mouse? Japan does it a little more obscurely and it’s certainly worth a visit to this fun and fantastic park, whether you have kids in tow or not!

Kabukicho – Neon lights, karaoke, shopping, nightlife, futuristic – these are all words used to describe Tokyo’s entertainment and red light district. You have to see it to believe it, and the fast pace of life is probably what most people think of when they consider Japan. Open all night long!

Yoyogi Park – If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends with your work and play, then a gentle and peaceful stroll around one of the largest parks in Toyko will take your breath away.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of attractions and areas to visit in Tokyo, and there are far too many to list. The best advice? Do your research, I can’t stress it enough. Tokyo has something for everyone, to coin a cliché, and one visit will never be enough.


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