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Destination Dubai: What To Pack?

With towering buildings, spectacular beaches and magnificent sand dunes, Dubai is a city that will both amaze and interest you. It is the most dazzling of United Arab’s seven Emirates. With so much to see and do, it is a favourite holiday destination among travellers. If you are planning to visit this wonderful city, the culture and customs of the place compel you to dress accordingly. Following is a list of what to pack with you on your Dubai trip.

Pack a scarf and a shawl: Scarves and shawls are must-carry travelling items, especially when it comes to places like Dubai. They do everything from providing protection against the sun or the cold to imparting you a modest yet stylish look. Many places in the city expect you to cover your shoulders, a scarf or a shawl helps you in doing just that. You can also easily repeat a dress by taking a scarf or a shawl over it.

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Pack more tops than bottoms: It is unnecessary to carry multiple bottoms while travelling. You can pair the same jeans with different tops and no one will know. Black jeans or pants are always the right choice as they go with just about everything. Certain places, such as the malls and souqs of Dubai, require your knees to be covered. A black bottom comes to your rescue there.

Mix and match: A golden rule of packing in general that regular travellers swear by is to ensure that your clothes mix and match with each other. This allows you to make multiple combinations and also helps you to layer up when needed. You must abide by the same while travelling to Dubai.

Dress it up: You must remember that Dubai measures high on the glamour scale. Hence, the city does allow you to flaunt your pretty dresses and high heels, just at the right places. You can carry this look at fine dining restaurants and fancy clubs. Public places are what you have to be conscious about.

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Avoid light colours: Another general rule of packing that applies just as well in Dubai. Light colours get dirty and stain easily leaving you carrying around something that cannot be worn. You will explore the desert in the city which you cannot do while wearing light colours. Pack light denim shirts, they come handy.

You must take care of the essentials before leaving for your trip in order to be tension free during the trip. When sorted out beforehand, things such as clothes,bookings & having an appropriate travel insurance allows you to enjoy sans worries. 


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