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Best Places to Visit in the Mediterranean

What could be better than a cruise in the Mediterranean, where the sun always seems to shine and where the sea is always bluer and cleaner than the summer skies? The Mediterranean can be a magnificent spot for a vacation alone, with the loved one or with the family and it can be perfect for everyone out there as well: from those who like to party all night long to those who like to explore places that have a rich culture and history. Because of the location of the Mediterranean and the fact that everywhere is easily accessible by boat, it is one of the best cruise locations in the world. If you’re looking for a company that offers great cruises around the Mediterranean, check out Cruiseabout and for more tips of what to do and see, read on!


You can’t get more culture and history than this. With architecture that goes as far back in time as the ancient years and with many islands from which to choose from, Greece can really be one of the most amazing places to visit. Go to its towns and cities to discover the Ancient Greek ruins or go to one of the amazing dream-like islands to lie on the beach and sunbathe. Santorini and Rhodes are some of the most beautiful (and famous) islands, but you can find places that are less crowded and purer as well. Traveling on a cruise is a great way to hop around the beautiful Greek islands, you can see a lot in a really short time.



If you are in for a culinary experience that will leave your taste buds craving for you to go back there, then do try Italy. Even if the entire country may seem small on the map, the truth is that it is as diverse and as gorgeous as a country can get. Every area has its particular attractions and its special kind of food. You can explore Rome, the Vatican, Venice, Florence or Milano and you can lie on one of the amazing beaches the Italians have – and you will be always breathing the fresh and energising Mediterranean air.

The French Riviera

For an exclusivist and luxurious holiday, choose the French Riviera. It can hardly be compared to anything out there. If pizza and pasta are the “hot spots” in Italy and if the stunning scenery and culture are the greatest things in Greece, the French somehow manage to bring both culinary art and amazing culture together in a place that seems to be absolutely magical. Beautiful people, amazing and breathtaking scenery and the best wines in the world all meet together on the French Riviera. Although generally perceived as very expensive, the truth is that there are spots on the French exit to the Mediterranean Sea that are very much affordable as well.



Not many people associate Spain with the Mediterranean Sea, but it has a very good portion with a wonderful beach exiting right into this beautiful water. Andalucia, Murcia and Levante, and the Mediterranean part of Catalunya are some of the most beautiful places here and they will range from party-oriented spots to spots offering the utmost relaxation. Don’t forget to have a good portion of paella before you go because there is really nothing out there like this dish when it is prepared at home!


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