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4 Things You Must Do in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country steeped in history and culture, and it makes an incredible holiday destination. Popular with people traveling all corners of the world, Vietnam is a country which boasts everything from bustling markets, to stunning coastlines, and from museums to incredible mountain ranges. If it’s an adventure filled holiday, with something to suit everyone, then Vietnam is the ideal location for you. With so much on offer, here’s a list of some of the things in Vietnam, you just must visit.

Cu Chi Tunnels Tour
1. Chu Chi Tunnels

Vietnam is well known for playing host to the notoriously violent and devastating war in the 1960’s, and so it goes without saying that if you visit the country, then you must see some of the history and devastation left behind, and The Chu Chi Tunnels are the obvious choice. This astonishing network of underground tunnels were well used throughout the war by the Viet Cong, and played a huge role in the success of their surprise attacks and undeniably clever war-tactics. In the Chu Chi district alone there are 250km of tunnels which at the time, even stretched under the US Military base, and feature a huge number of trap doors which allowed those who frequented them, to appear and disappear as they pleased. Consider booking a guided holiday tour so you don’t miss out on any of the fascinating history.

2. War Remnants Museum

Having visited the physical reminder of the Vietnam War, you may want to see some of the photographs, military vehicles and examples of weapons that were left behind. These can be found on show in the War Remnants Museum, which is home to some of the most shocking and disturbing evidence into the true effects of war, you will ever see. Previously known as the Museum of Chinese and American War crimes, the building plays host to many artefacts, such as photographs evidencing the devastation of the bombs and some of the once military classified bombs. Although there are parts of this exhibit you may find distressing, it is a definite must see and is a fitting reminder of the devastating effects war can have.

3. Ben Thanh Markets

Of course, as is the case with any holiday, you’ll want to take reminders and souvenirs home for both yourself, and your loved ones. There are plenty of markets, all offering an array of different goods, one in particular, the Ben Thanh Markets, should not be missed. Offering just about everything, ranging from scorpions, to jewellery, and from spices, to tobacco, there really is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Signs may read, fixed prices, but do remember to haggle! Other notable markets worth a visit are the An Dong indoor market and the Old Market, which sells every kind of imported good you could ever imagine.

4. Dai Lanh Beach and Surrounding Areas

With all the walking around you’re bound to have done whilst traveling around Vietnam, you’re bound to want some time to sit back and relax, and there is no better place to do so than the beautiful beaches of Dai Lanh. The quaint fishing village of Dai Lanh can be easily recognised by the red-tile roofs atop its houses and is situated not far from the 1920’s constructed seaport of Nha Trang, a city almost as beautiful as its surroundings. If it is particularly warm, you may want to consider a boat trip, which will allow you to not only sit back and relax, but to visit some of the many islands which surround it.

Vietnam is an incredible destination to visit, and whether you are passing through on a round the world trip, or are there for just a few days you can be certain you will never be bored and there really is something for everyone, making it somewhere the whole family can enjoy.


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