A Girl's Journey Living in Japan

Top 5 Things to do in Singapore


Although usually referred to as the ‘business capital of Asia’, Singapore is a fascinating place – it is an island, a country and a city, which is home to people from multiple religions and mainly three cultures – Chinese, Indian and Arabic. It is an extraordinary place, where you can’t chew gum, yet there are huge entertainment theme parks that can fully compete with Disney World. This unique gem located in Southeast Asia combines architectural miracles and ultramodern business centers, skyscrapers and mazes of traditional Chinese houses. While it is influenced by such rich and different cultures, it remains to be one of the cleanest countries in Asia, with strict rules that both locals and visitors must adhere to. Amongst the numerous things to do in Singapore, here are my top picks.

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It’s Cool Here: Exploring Ooty, Queen of the Hills


Travelling South India and looking to beat the heat?  Board the next bus to Ooty, and retreat into a little mountain cool.  Perched 7,347 above sea level, the weather here is refreshingly pleasant, and the crisp mountain atmosphere is literally a breath of fresh air after the heat and bustle of the cities below.  Even its most famous products speak of an atmosphere of relaxation; Ooty is known for its high quality teas and chocolates.  While it’s possible to arrive by bus or train, getting around tends to be most successful by taxi so you can explore the captivating countryside.  Just don’t choose drivers offering to take you to shops or restaurants – the places will likely be overpriced, and the driver is collecting a commission, not just making a recommendation.

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Beyond Sushi: Must-Try Foods For Visitors to Japan


Part of the reason I moved to Japan was because of the great food. When visiting Japan, by all means eat sushi, and lots of it.  But don’t forget there’s lots more to explore- and missing the wide array of culinary delight Japan has on offer would be an unforgivable shame.  Sample some of these savories (and sweets) to discover new favorites you’ll still dream of when you return home.

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Weirdly Wonderful Tokyo


Tokyo culture sometimes feels like entering an entirely different world.  It’s a place that celebrates the wonderfully weird- and you should to!  Check out these uniquely Tokyo experiences to get started, and then let the city guide you to all the beautifully bizarre it has on offer.

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Nobody does it better? How Japan does it differently


Japan can often seem like a mystery to the outside world. Name another country that would put what is basically a nappy on a grown man, and make them wrestle around on the floor. No, I can’t think of anywhere else either. Despite its quirks, or perhaps because of its quirks, Japan is an excellent place to live.

Put simply, Japan is so popular because it is so … weird isn’t the right word, but diverse. Yes, Japan is so popular because it is so diverse and different. What you think is normal in one part of the world is deemed very abnormal in the land of the rising sun, and vice versa.

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Take to the slopes: Tips for Skiing in Japan on the Cheap


When it comes to choosing your ski destination this winter, Japan might not be the first place that comes to mind. Most people automatically spring up thoughts of Austria, Switzerland, Canada and North America, however Japan has some of the best ski resorts in the world, with fantastic and plentiful snow quality, and low costs to boot. One of the reasons I chose to came to Japan is actually because of the great skiing options!

Ski holidays in Japan are increasingly low cost, and without a doubt one of the most affordable ways to visit the country, without heading to pricey Tokyo or one of the other cities, which will zap your budget within hours. The breathtaking scenery of the Japanese ski resorts is something to behold, and there is a resort for every level of ability.

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Beijing Basics


If Kate Melua is to be believed, there are 9 million bicycles in Beijing.  Since the Chinese capital has a massive population of 21.5 million people, that figure isn’t hard to believe.  While a metropolis this size has more to experience than can possibly be summed up in one travel piece (or one trip for that matter) there are some must-sees visitors to bustling Beijing should be sure to include in their itineraries.

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How to Find a Job Teaching English in Japan


Fancy a change from the humdrum of daily life? Feeling the itch to head off to pastures new and test your metal?

There’s no bigger challenge than moving overseas, and many people choose to push themselves further whilst giving something back at the same time, by teaching English as a foreign language. Japan is becoming increasingly popular as a country to move to and teach, and there are plentiful opportunities and jobs out there for the right individuals. I chose Japan because I have an interest in the culture, love the language, food and lifestyle. There’s also the fact that teaching English in Japan pays pretty well, too.

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Vientiane: Slow Down and Soak it Up


Vientiane, nestled along the Mekong River, is a backpacker’s dream.  Free of the bustle of other Asian capitals, the Laotian capital has a laidback small town feel.  It’s the place to go when you’re ready to slow down a bit – things here tend to move at an unhurried pace that can be frustrating if you don’t bring the mindset for it.  If you’ve had enough rush for awhile, however, this easygoing city is sure to bring a smile to your face.  While the experience of being in a country classified as one of the world’s “least developed” can be eye-opening in heartbreaking ways, the friendliness of this city will make you feel right at home.  Accommodation and food here are incredibly inexpensive, making it a perfect destination for backpackers on a budget.

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All you need to know about bargaining


One of the biggest fears that we face when travelling to an overseas destination is that of being ripped off, of being a part of someone’s mischievous plan of making extra money that will not be earned the honest way. Quite frankly this can happen for a number of reasons and in any country – starting with the plain simple that people in other countries may be making as low as $100 per month and making extra cash on the side from a naïve tourist is a simple way of increasing that minimum wage, or it can be the customs and the characteristics of that specific nation, to be born as scammers – you would laugh, but many people consider Greeks and Turks to be born crooks, but, of course in a nice way. Whatever the situation is, don’t let your guard down and most importantly, learn how to bargain! I promise, it can be a lot of fun, once you get the hang of it.

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