A Girl's Journey Living in Japan


Weirdly Wonderful Tokyo

Tokyo culture sometimes feels like entering an entirely different world.  It’s a place that celebrates the wonderfully weird- and you should to!  Check out these uniquely Tokyo experiences to get started, and then let the city guide you to all the beautifully bizarre it has on offer.

Creature comforts

Animal-lovers take note: Tokyo has your pet therapy needs covered.  Tokyo apartments tend to be small and often don’t allow pets.  In answer to that, a wide-variety of petting-zoo-cum-cafes has sprouted up.  Hang out with snakes and owls at Café Little Zoo, or spend some time making feline friends and any of the city’s 40 cat cafes.   Bird-lovers should pay a visit to Tori no Iru Café (almost literally The Café Where The Birds Are At) for some fine-feathered fun.


Memorable Meals

Tokyo takes themed restaurants and bars to a whole new level.  For an unforgettable dining experience, check out one of the many bizarre options the city has on offer.  At Ninja, you’ll be served your sushi with a side of stealth, complete with tiptoeing servers and an illusionist performing tricks at your table.  For dinner and a show, venture to Robot Restaurant.  Enjoy a boxed meal heavily seasoned with camp – the hour-long show mostly consists of flashing lights and girls dancing with robots.  The more spiritually oriented might want to grab a drink at Vowz, where the servers are all priests from different sects of Buddhism, so you can discuss philosophy as you sip.  These three are just for starters- Tokyo is a wonderland full of everything ranging from Ping-Pong lounges and catch-your-own fish joints to maid cafes and vibrator-themed bars.


Machine Munchies

Grabbing a quick bite from the vending machine is a completely different experience in Tokyo. Make a quick lunch out of a dish of hot ramen, udon or soba noodles, paired with a serving of fresh fruit or vegetables, and perhaps accompanied by a cup of sake – all from a vending machine.  Vending machines in Tokyo go beyond food, as well.  Shop for clothes, toilet paper, umbrellas, pornography, and other goods without ever going in a shop.

An Unusual Night’s Rest

For a truly Tokyo sleeping experience, spend the night in a capsule hotel.  These inexpensive “rooms” are budget accommodation at its most basic, featuring space capsule-esque beds that you can slide into when you’re ready for some shut-eye.  Each capsule usually offers a television, an electronic console, and Wi-Fi for entertainment, and some hotels also have restaurants and swimming pools.  Try one for a little communal, space-agey sleep.



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