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Top Reasons Why you Should Visit Japan

Known as the “country of the rising sun”, Japan does not stop to surprise, mesmerise and attract visitors from all over the world. There is something exotic, yet intricate, a fantastic mix of cultural heritage and Asian traditions coexisting amongst modern mirrored high-rises and huge mind-blowing amusement parks. Regardless of the places you have visited before, Japan will definitely blow your mind and it never fails to impress its visitors, whether it is their first, or tenth time in this ultramodern capital.


Amongst the first things that attract travellers to Japan is the culture fix – ancient traditions are respected here with every detail. Japan is in no rush to copy the world’s capitalist democracies, and remains the place where people retain their ancient way of life while following all the latest trends. Here you can find young school girls dressed in the most impressive extravagant clothes, and ancient temples that are so unique that you cannot imagine them anywhere else, but here.

Perhaps one of the first things that come to mind when you think of Japan is that it is an electronics heaven! Head down to Akihabara in Tokyo, where you will find the most comprehensive shopping town filled with whatever gadgets and devices you can possibly imagine – from home robots to smartphones, this place has it all!


Being the birthplace of Anime and Manga movies, Japan is the place to go to for a cartoon obsession – not only will you be able to find all the themed DVD’s and comics here, but there are also cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues, where you can live in one, be served by waitresses dressed up as the infamous characters and have all your childhood dreams fulfilled.

Japan remains the best place to eat the best sushi and the freshest seafood in. While there are plenty of restaurants where you can find pretty much all the seafood known to man, with the most fancy delicacies such as the aka-gai, fugu and kazunoko, the most exciting thing is to go to the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, where at about 5am there are auctions for fresh Bluefin tuna that can go for as much as $300 per kilo.


Being one of the first countries to embrace karaoke as a form of entertainment, it is an absolute must to go to a karaoke bar here! Although you might not be able to sing the songs in the native language, there are plenty of English songs to order. From Hello Kitty themed rooms, to the most fascinating futuristic designs, there are plenty of styles to choose from, so sit back, don’t be shy and enjoy the fun!

For many centuries Japan has been somewhat an exotic destination that only a few could taste the flavour of. And while in the past century it has become more open to visitors from abroad, there are numerous things to do here with every visit. From exploring the multifaceted culture and lifestyle of modern Japan, to admiring the cherry blossoms and finding your inner zen in one of the wooden pagodas, or taking the ultramodern train that speeds you through the country – everything here is possible. Whatever fantasy or interest you have, you will certainly find it accomplished and satisfied in Japan, the country that is the first one every day to watch the sun rise over Earth.




  1. You’re enough of a reason for me to visit haha, although this list is really great. When’s the best time of year to come? I’d love to go skiing in Japan with you.

    • You should plan a trip around New Years, it would be so great to have you over then!!!! :) Thanks for your comments. Let’s Skype soon please?

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