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Top 5 Things to do in Singapore

Although usually referred to as the ‘business capital of Asia’, Singapore is a fascinating place – it is an island, a country and a city, which is home to people from multiple religions and mainly three cultures – Chinese, Indian and Arabic. It is an extraordinary place, where you can’t chew gum, yet there are huge entertainment theme parks that can fully compete with Disney World. This unique gem located in Southeast Asia combines architectural miracles and ultramodern business centers, skyscrapers and mazes of traditional Chinese houses. While it is influenced by such rich and different cultures, it remains to be one of the cleanest countries in Asia, with strict rules that both locals and visitors must adhere to. Amongst the numerous things to do in Singapore, here are my top picks.


Being a major destination for businessmen from around the world, Singapore has a myriad of comfortable luxurious hotels to accommodate them. Apart from beautifully appointed guestrooms, restaurants serving delicious food, fitness centers and spas offering a wide variety of services, a distinctive feature of the hotels here are their rooftop pools. Probably the most famous one is the Marina Bay Sands hotel, its infinity pool and a stunning view of the city’s skyline from the observation deck right on the roof. You absolutely must come here, and take a picture with the already world-famous #marinabaysands and post it on Instagram.

Amongst the top things to do in Singapore is to go to the Sentosa island, famous for its attractions, theme parks and aquarium that will be interesting to visit for both adults and children. Unprecedented beauty of the island and its impressive Universal Studios, the biggest theme park in Southeast Asia offering a wide variety of attractions, rides and rollercoasters; the largest marine park, called S.E.A. Aquarium, where visitors can enjoy the underwater world and its inhabitants, as well as the Adventure Cove Waterpark, will transform you into a festive atmosphere of eternal never-ending celebration of life, nature and all its creatures.


When in Singapore, one of the most exciting things to do is to observe the city from the sky – here you have the option to do so from the Singapore Flyer, a huge Ferris Wheel, where you can even enjoy a dinner in a romantic setting or simply accompany the view with a glass of chilled champagne; or from a luxurious 7* Swarovski cable car VIP cabin that will graciously glide through the night sky.

An interesting thing about Singapore is the co-existence of the different ethnic groups in this city, each of who has their own quarter, make sure that you visit all 4 of them, as they each have their own architecture, infrastructure, character and style. Don’t forget to spend a day at the Gardens at the Bay, futuristic gardens made up of several greenhouses, that are home to more that 150,000 plants from around the world, making this one of the top attractions in the city.  In the evening watch the laser show at the Marina bay Sands hotel and head down to the Orchard Road, sparkling at night time with lights from its numerous bars, restaurants, night clubs and stores.


Apart from visiting all the Sri temples, there are a lot of fun and exciting things to do and see in Singapore – from the fascinating world of the ocean, to the daily water show and breathtaking views of Singapore’s skyline, especially during the sunset- this city has started to transform itself from a business center and a major Asian transit hub to a destination for leisure and world travellers.


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