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All you need to know about bargaining


One of the biggest fears that we face when travelling to an overseas destination is that of being ripped off, of being a part of someone’s mischievous plan of making extra money that will not be earned the honest way. Quite frankly this can happen for a number of reasons and in any country – starting with the plain simple that people in other countries may be making as low as $100 per month and making extra cash on the side from a naïve tourist is a simple way of increasing that minimum wage, or it can be the customs and the characteristics of that specific nation, to be born as scammers – you would laugh, but many people consider Greeks and Turks to be born crooks, but, of course in a nice way. Whatever the situation is, don’t let your guard down and most importantly, learn how to bargain! I promise, it can be a lot of fun, once you get the hang of it.

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Places You Must Visit in Tokyo


Just the word ‘Tokyo’ springs up countless images, doesn’t it? I think bright lights, a busy, frenetic pace of life, futuristic technology, sumo wrestlers, geishas, shrines and fantastic shopping.

It’s no wonder Tokyo is one of the most sought after cities to visit in the whole world.

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The Wonderful World of Indian Street Snacks


Indian street foods are a fabulous culinary adventure all onto themselves.  As intimidating as it may be to sample food on the street, missing out on delicious street chaat (snacks) when visiting India would be a crime.  Seek out vendors frequented by locals for the best quality and the lowest chance of Delhi Belly, and dive in.  You may find yourself making entire meals out of street snacks alone.


Deep Fried Delicacies

Samosas are deep fried pyramids of full of potato goodness and served with zingy chutney.  These may be the best-known Indian food outside of India – and with good reason.  They’re addictively good.  While you’re picking up one (or two or three) for an evening snack, try a vada as well.  The same purveyors of fried goods who dish out samosas often serve these deep-fried savory treats.  Masala vada, made with whole toor daal, is particularly tasty.


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Your Airport Essentials: What do You Need to Bring on a Flight?


So you have got your flight and accommodation booked, and all your suitcases are ready and packed up waiting in the hallway, now the big question is – what should you take on the plane? Especially if it is a long-haul, transatlantic flight, you will surely need quite a lot of things with you. While having a carry-on filled with essentials is great, it is best to use that space for extra clothes that you don’t want to add up to the overall weight of your big suitcase, so here is the list of the outmost essential things you will need to bring on board:

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Tips for the Taj Mahal


No trip to north India would be complete without a visit to the Taj Mahal.  Constructed by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his favorite wife after her death, this stunning architectural icon is one of the wonders of the world for a reason – it’s bound to take your breath away.  While any decent guidebook can tell you the basics of visiting the Taj Mahal, here’s a few unexpected insights to help you make the most of your visit.


Say “Cheese!”

If you’re obviously a stranger to these parts, you are just as interesting to many domestic tourists as the site itself. Prepare for your first run-in with the paparazzi.  Because some domestic tourists from less tourist-frequented areas rarely see foreign faces outside of television and movies, you’ll get frequent requests to pose for pictures.  Be aware that if you say “yes” to one, you may end up with a queue.  If you have a sense of humor about it, the photo taking can be quite fun, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decline if you’re uncomfortable.  Be civil but firm if you’d rather be left in peace to enjoy the monument – just be aware that just because you’re not posing, doesn’t mean someone isn’t taking your picture. Continue reading →

See the Sea: Experience Kochi


The seaside town of Kochi is a fascinating cultural mash-up, a port city brimming with the influences of its diverse trading partners.  Its laidback atmosphere makes it a place you could easily get lost in.  While you’re soaking up this special place, be sure to experience these treasures to find all the wonder Kochi has to offer.


Catch some Kathakali-

Kochi is a great place to see some Kathakali, the traditional storytelling dance of Kerala.  It’s a fascinating art, the practice of which requires an impressive mastery of details, from the positioning of fingers in a pose to rolling the eyes in a facial expression.  The elaborate costumes and traditional make-up are downright mesmerizing.  Visit the Kerala Kathakali Centre to catch one of their daily shows, which include a chance to glimpse the performers’ intricate make-up application beforehand.  The shows themselves include demonstrations and explanations of Kathakali movements before a performance of a traditional tale (accompanied by welcome translations.) Continue reading →

Old Delhi Delights


Busy, bustling Old Delhi is a powerful place – if nothing else, the sheer amount of sights, sounds, and smells in this historic walled city can be both thrilling and overwhelming.  Spending a day (or more) in Shahjahanabad (Old Delhi’s proper moniker) is an experience you’ll never forget.  While there are worlds to explore here, these sites will get your started on an unforgettable Old Delhi adventure.


Remarkable Realm of Red

The Red Fort’s red sandstone walls form a focal point for the Old City.  Built in 1648 as the fortified palace of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan when he decided to move his capital from Agra to Delhi, the Red Fort is a sprawling expanse of architecture that one could easily wander for half a day.  You can tell that this is a product of the same mind that brought the Taj Mahal to life; the Red Fort speaks of a time of culture and poetry through its red sandstone and white marble structures.  Pass through Chatta Chowk, a bustling souvenir bazaar, to enter the complex and travel back to another time.  Be prepared to stand in awe. Continue reading →

Island Hopping in Greece: My Top 5


If you ask anyone what is the first image that comes into their head when they think of Greece, most probably it will be that of the Acropolis, Greek salad, Socrates and sunny, warm weather. Though Greece is indeed the country of olives, white sand, shiny sun, light blue skies, turquoise sea and a pleasant climate, its beaches are a true wonder – Greece has the longest coastline in Europe, not only on mainland, but also on the islands. Holidays in Greece can be extremely varied, you can choose from the numerous islands that this country boasts in both Aegean and Ionian seas. Whether it is a beautiful beach that you are looking for, a busy nightlife, Orthodox shrines and churches, scenic landscapes or luxurious resorts – Greece has it all and here is my pick of the top 5 islands to visit in the summer!  Continue reading →