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Bringing your travel home: Japanese-inspired ideas for the home


When you travel, you build many great memories that you want to last forever. What better way to remember your great trip than using that cultural style in your own home? For those that love the art and sleek style of Japan, here are some ideas for getting the look in your own home.

White walls and wood accents for all rooms

In Japan, you see a lot of wood or bamboo accenting white or very light walls. If you already have white walls, then think about adding a beautiful bookshelf made from wood. Redoing window trims in a wood tone can make the look more complete.


Sliding doors and screens

There are many advantages to sliding doors and screens. While they exhibit classic Japanese style, they can also be used in spaces where normal doors cannot work because there is not enough clearance. These doors are usually always light coloured with wood-toned frames. Light behind a screen or sliding door glows beautifully and makes for great indirect lighting and ambience.

Bamboo: renewable and beautiful

Bamboo is extremely versatile. Picture and mirror frames can be beautiful when made from bamboo. This is a great way to add Japanese style for those that want to conserve space. Bamboo ladders can be great for hanging clothes or blankets on for easy access.

Reinvent the den with a meditation space

If you are lucky enough to have an extra room for relaxing, then you have potential for a great Japanese-inspired space to relax and rejuvenate. A small square table that sets low with comfortable cushions can be a great place to meditate, read a book, or have tea. A small water feature placed on a shelf can add the sound of nature to your home. This space can also be used as a yoga or Pilates room. A zen-like space can help you unwind and have better health and focus throughout the day.


Inspired lighting solutions

Japanese-inspired lanterns can add soft and pleasing light to a room. Many just plug into existing outlets, so they are a good choice for adding lighting to a room without the hassle of a hardwired fixture installation. Lights made to look like real candles can add some vintage Japanese style, and provide soft and pleasing light that can be used to accent favourite objects or light alcoves.

Highlight nature

The Japanese appreciate nature, and this is reflected in their interior design. House plants can help you bring nature indoors and add beauty to your home. Flowering plants can be especially nice. For an authentic look, try to grow some orchids or bonsai trees. Violets are easy to grow and add a lot of colour. Artwork can also help to create an authentic look. A painting of a flowering cherry tree with the beautiful mountains of Japan in the background or a framed photo that you took in the Japanese countryside can look great on a bedroom or living room wall.


Top Reasons Why you Should Visit Japan


Known as the “country of the rising sun”, Japan does not stop to surprise, mesmerise and attract visitors from all over the world. There is something exotic, yet intricate, a fantastic mix of cultural heritage and Asian traditions coexisting amongst modern mirrored high-rises and huge mind-blowing amusement parks. Regardless of the places you have visited before, Japan will definitely blow your mind and it never fails to impress its visitors, whether it is their first, or tenth time in this ultramodern capital.

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Beyond Sushi: Must-Try Foods For Visitors to Japan


Part of the reason I moved to Japan was because of the great food. When visiting Japan, by all means eat sushi, and lots of it.  But don’t forget there’s lots more to explore- and missing the wide array of culinary delight Japan has on offer would be an unforgivable shame.  Sample some of these savories (and sweets) to discover new favorites you’ll still dream of when you return home.

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Weirdly Wonderful Tokyo


Tokyo culture sometimes feels like entering an entirely different world.  It’s a place that celebrates the wonderfully weird- and you should to!  Check out these uniquely Tokyo experiences to get started, and then let the city guide you to all the beautifully bizarre it has on offer.

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Nobody does it better? How Japan does it differently


Japan can often seem like a mystery to the outside world. Name another country that would put what is basically a nappy on a grown man, and make them wrestle around on the floor. No, I can’t think of anywhere else either. Despite its quirks, or perhaps because of its quirks, Japan is an excellent place to live.

Put simply, Japan is so popular because it is so … weird isn’t the right word, but diverse. Yes, Japan is so popular because it is so diverse and different. What you think is normal in one part of the world is deemed very abnormal in the land of the rising sun, and vice versa.

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Take to the slopes: Tips for Skiing in Japan on the Cheap


When it comes to choosing your ski destination this winter, Japan might not be the first place that comes to mind. Most people automatically spring up thoughts of Austria, Switzerland, Canada and North America, however Japan has some of the best ski resorts in the world, with fantastic and plentiful snow quality, and low costs to boot. One of the reasons I chose to came to Japan is actually because of the great skiing options!

Ski holidays in Japan are increasingly low cost, and without a doubt one of the most affordable ways to visit the country, without heading to pricey Tokyo or one of the other cities, which will zap your budget within hours. The breathtaking scenery of the Japanese ski resorts is something to behold, and there is a resort for every level of ability.

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How to Find a Job Teaching English in Japan


Fancy a change from the humdrum of daily life? Feeling the itch to head off to pastures new and test your metal?

There’s no bigger challenge than moving overseas, and many people choose to push themselves further whilst giving something back at the same time, by teaching English as a foreign language. Japan is becoming increasingly popular as a country to move to and teach, and there are plentiful opportunities and jobs out there for the right individuals. I chose Japan because I have an interest in the culture, love the language, food and lifestyle. There’s also the fact that teaching English in Japan pays pretty well, too.

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Top 5 Tips for Moving to Japan


When it comes to some of the most popular countries in the world to relocate to Japan is up there in the top five. It’s no wonder when you consider the huge technological advances that come from this part of the world, meaning jobs aplenty and a real neon-lit and totally different way of life for those who want to explore.

Moving to Japan was one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever been on, but I think it’s been a great way for me to learn some independence, save money and of course make new friends!
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