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Pack it up!

Packing is not a fun experience, there’s no denying that fact. If you enjoy the experiencing of cramming your belongings into a suitcase that is no way big enough, then please feel free to come and do my packing the next time I go away! I hate packing, in fact, I would much rather pay someone to do it, but needs must!

Despite that, I found a way to cut down on the stress of packing and save money too, which in my world is a major bonus! You might think I’ve gone crazy, but have you ever tried travelling on holiday with just hand luggage?

No, I am sane, hear me out!


Provided you’re not going away for longer than a week maximum, and provided you book with an airline who offer a generous hand luggage allowance, like 10kg, then you should be able to be ruthless enough to pack a capsule wardrobe, if you wear your heaviest clothes and buy your toiletries at the airport. It can be done, I’ve done it!

Combine this with a cheap flight and you’re saving money before you even jet off. I found a bargain flight recently, but unfortunately it wasn’t from my local airport. I didn’t let this put me off, and instead I got a bargain deal on a night at one of the Gatwick Airport hotels from Holiday Extras, and it all still worked out cheaper than my regional airport. Bargain!

I wouldn’t let travelling to a different airport put you off booking, because really if it all adds up to still be cheaper, it’s false economy to stick with what you know. You will find hotel facilities at most large UK airports, so somewhere to sleep if need be is never a problem. Go on, be a little adventurous and see how much money you could save!


Don’t forget to insure all your bargain holiday plans ahead of time. Personally I’d always go for an annual multi-trip insurance policy, because it’s done at the start of the year, and it’s one less thing to worry about every time you book a holiday during those 12 months. Just remember to check that your destination fits in with your policy, and you’re sorted!

These ideas for saving money might seem like a lot of extra hassle, but it only seems that way because you’ve probably never done it before. I am the world’s worst for travelling heavily, and if I can pack that capsule wardrobe and venture off to a new airport I’ve never visited before, then believe me, anyone can!


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